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"At GT360, our real estate investment team carefully vets market opportunities, targeting value for our clients while bringing long term residual growth to our company portfolio.Our team manages the lifecycle of our investments,from acquisition to hands on management led by our Managing Member, Jerry Dayem Bernal. Members of our team have both combined experience & relations with a history of over 34yrs together.Our diverse portfolio, primarily within Western North Carolina includes mixed or single use properties incorporating office, retail, residential, multifamily apartment buildings, parking, improved land, warehouse & hotels."

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Jerry Dayem Bernal

Patricia S. P.

Antonios Karidas P.


No, as GT360's main focus is to invest in property for the long term to better the communities and the people living within Western NC. We do not buy to sell. Our main goal is to purchase property, provide both quality residential living & desirable commercial locations for our future clients.

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GT360, LLC
7851 US 221 N, UNIT #A
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